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Beta Alpha Psi – Kappa Upsilon Chapter

Beta Alpha Psi is an organization that encourages and gives recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the fields of accounting, finance and management information systems.

Actively Moving Forward (AMF)

AMF is a new organization to Pitt created for students who are grieving the illness or death of a loved one, whether it be a family member or friend. Members can participate in both social and service events in their loved one's honor.

Aero Society of Automotive Engineers (Pitt Aero)

Pitt Aero or the Aero Society of Automotive Engineers is an undergraduate student organization with an annual mission to design, build, manufacture, and compete with a large, radio-controlled airplane against universities from around the world.

Alpha Kappa Psi (AKPsi)

The purpose of this fraternity shall be to further the individual welfare of its members; to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts, and finance

Alpha Omega Campus Ministry (Alpha Omega)

The Alpha Omega Campus Ministry's sole purpose is to minister to students and assist one another in growing to have a strong relationship with God and serve the community.

American Association of Women Dentists (AAWD)

AAWD is the leading resource for advancing, connecting and enriching the lives of women dentists.

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

The objective of this organization is to further, within its locality, the purposes and programs of the national chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. We seek to promote interest in the aeronautics/astronautics fields.

American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS)

Seeks to strengthen student's interest in architecture while preparing architecture students for future careers.

American Medical Student Association Pre-Medical Chapter (AMSA Pre-Med)

The American Medical Student Association (AMSA), with a half-century history of student activism, is the oldest and largest independent association of physicians-in-training in the United States.

American Nuclear Society: University of Pittsburgh Chapter (ANS)

The American Nuclear Society is a not-for-profit, international, scientific and educational organization. We specialize in career development for student interested in pursuing a career working in the nuclear industry.

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